Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • Inconsistency in sales (team) performance

  • Deals are taking too long to close and increasingly complex

  • Win rates have declined over the last months

  • Need to improve sales productivity but unclear how

Pipeline Performance Scan

Get actionable insights to improve sales productivity today. We combine an expert-driven assessment with a data-driven analysis of your CRM to provide you with observations and recommendations in a practical report. Learn how you benchmark to peers. 


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What we do:

Let's meet

30-minute meeting with your partnership manager to align on your goals and the process.

Workshop (2 hours)

Deep-dive with one of our revenue experts to understand your GTM strategy and situation. 

Data Analysis (1 week)

You provide us access to your CRM so we can analyse your pipeline performance.

PPS Report (1 hour)

We present to your our findings and recommendations and discuss next steps

Let's shape the future. Together.