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About the job

Building a sustainable business model isn’t simply about growth. It’s about the ability to scale. That’s where we come in. At RocketX, we accelerate the journey of special ones. Those ambitious scale-ups who disrupt the norms of today. Why? Because they’ll become the innovators of tomorrow.

Are you ready to help shape the growth journey of promising scale-ups across Europe? Do you thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced work environment, where there’s never a dull moment? Are you a lifelong learner who’s always up for a challenge? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’re looking for someone just like to join our exciting journey. Keep reading to discover who you can supercharge your career and make a lasting impact in the wonderful world of scale-ups.

And what exactly does a Content Strategist at RocketX do?

As a Content Strategist at RocketX, you will shape, define, and iterate the core content strategy for a variety of clients across the B2B landscape. The responsibilities in this role are divided into: audience & market research, brand strategy, messaging & content strategy, and last but not least: writing.

Audience & market research

As our Content Strategist, you'll use your expertise to perform research on audience behaviour, market trends, and competitor analysis. By understanding your clients' business needs inside and out, you'll lay the foundation for all future strategic decisions and actions.

Brand strategy

Successful brands are those who consistently make sense for its buyer. As a Content Strategist, you're the secret weapon in crafting a killer brand strategy that hits all the right notes. From hosting brainstorming sessions to uncovering your client's brand positioning sweet spot, to providing creative insights that shape your mission, vision, core values, and brand manifesto, you'll work hand-in-hand with your design team to create a winning formula.

Messaging & content strategy

As a Content Strategist, you're the mastermind behind creating dynamic and actionable strategies that work across channels. You'll identify the biggest opportunities for growth together with your team and craft objectives, content pillars, tone of voice guidelines and content frameworks that engage the right audiences. And let’s not forget about a solid keyword approach. Your ultimate goal? To ensure that your client's business objectives are met and exceeded with every piece of content you create.


As a Content Strategist, you're a master of words and a wizard at crafting persuasive, user-friendly, and SEO-optimised copy that converts. With a perfect intuition for language, you know how to strike the right chord with a consistent tone of voice. Together with designers, copywriters and growth marketeers, you'll bring your content strategy to life, backed by data analysis and experimentation to drive growth. And as a trusted sparring partner, you'll share your expertise with colleagues to help tackle challenges and elevate their writing game.

What we are looking for in a Content Strategist

  • Content marketing is in your blood, and you a solid portfolio to back it;

  • You have at least 4 years of experience in delivering value through content;

  • You are a content Marketeer who understands and enjoys the challenge of growing B2B solutions in their early stages and can inspire others around them;

  • You feel confident measuring and analysing content assets using digital tools like Hubspot, Screaming Frog and Semrush;

  • You have a solid understanding of SEO, setting up and measuring its performance (alt tags, keyword analysis), and organic traffic from search engines.

  • You are a storyteller and storyseller. You know that a strong narrative beats a PowerPoint deck all day, every day.

  • Strategic thinking and strong communication skills are essential for this role. We are looking for a real team player, highly collaborative, who gives constructive feedback to all to help them grow.

  • You speak English fluently (and preferably also Dutch!)

  • You live in the Amsterdam area

  • Being a scale-up ourselves and working for them, you must be able to think on your feet and drive outcomes at lightning speed with a dash of pragmatism.

  • Finally, you want this opportunity to keep on growing and learning about everything content, marketing, technology, growth, fashion, and more.

**Only people who are eligible to work in The Netherlands or have a valid Dutch work permit/visa**

What you will get from us

  • Offices in Amsterdam and Athens: hi canal views and hello Acropolis!

  • Macbook: yes, the one with the touch bar

  • Friday drinks, office parties, and padel tournaments

  • MyCampus benefits—spend it on what you like from Classpass to free takeaway, and from planting trees to retirement

  • Free lunch and snacks

  • RocketX Training Academy: we’ll make sure your own growth skyrockets as well

  • Lots of opportunities to fast track your career

  • Company trips—we don't want to reveal too much, but Fabian, our CEO, really likes skiing.

Who we are

  • At RocketX, we believe that having access to talented people and smart capital combined with an excellent revenue engine are critical ingredients to supercharge scale-ups and build successful companies. We’ve made it our mission to help the world’s brightest and innovative scale-ups. With our four labels, we work with a highly skilled multidisciplinary team to:

  • Attract, develop and retain the best people that empower a growth journey. (RocketPeople)

  • Source and close the right investor for the best conditions through a structured program. (RocketCapital)

  • Develop, retain and acquire the right customers to achieve your next stage of growth. (RocketRevenue)

  • Empower scale-ups with the best technology stack and data insights. (RocketTech)

As Content Strategist, you will be joining the RocketRevenue label. Our Revenue label consists of growth hackers, sales managers, designers, Rev Ops and data scientists and, of course, content marketers. Together, we ensure that the potential customer is approached in the right way during each phase of the funnel. Content is the spider in the web here. Because the role that content plays in the customer journey is vital. But to a content fanatic, we probably don't need to explain that. We’re looking for a Content Strategist that can take us and our clients to the next level.

More information

So, are you up for the challenge and ready to join one of the fastest-growing scale-up companies in Amsterdam? Get in touch with Panos (, and we’ll meet you soon! Our recruitment process includes: an intake call with our Talent Manager, a first interview, a case assignment, and then a final interview.


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