International recruitment at scale

November 23, 2021

With so many brilliant organizations solving new challenges across the continent, and a boom in investment, Europe’s startup ecosystem is on the cusp of a scale-up boom. But in this highly competitive market, many challenges lie ahead - chief among them finding the right talent.

Many tech scale-ups are forced to compete for a small pool of talent that’s spread across different industries and several different European countries. With such a small and competitive ecosystem, it’s no wonder that recruitment and talent management remains the biggest challenge facing scale-ups of all

The solution? Hiring across borders!

But where to start?

We've got your back! Together with Deel, a payroll solution that provides tech-enabled infrastructure for hiring and paying a global workforce, we’ve designed the ‘International Hiring at Scale’ guide.

Together, we’ve designed this resource as a crash course in learning about the main challenges of global scaling. We’ll share our thoughts on how to plan talent capacity and where to look for talent. We’ll also introduce our process on recruitment and how to tackle legal and compliance challenges with hiring. Finally, you’ll learn about how to seamlessly and properly pay your new international team. Throughout, you’ll also see expert commentary from Fabian van Hoegee, co-founder of RocketX and Alex Bouaziz, co-founder and CEO of Deel.

The solution? Hiring across borders! Download the guide:

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.