Scale-up accelerator RocketX opens first office in Athens

October 12, 2022

Athens, 12 October 2022 – RocketX, a European scale-up accelerator from Amsterdam opens its first office in Athens. The company founded in May 2020 by Fabian van Hoegee and Kaan Anit, is aiming to become the leading scale-up ecosystem in Europe. With the opening of their first office in Athens, the Amsterdam-founded company continues to build on its international expansion.

After independently building, scaling, and failing leading companies, they decided to join forces and founded the company ‘One’, focussing solely on building teams for the fastest growing scale-ups in Europe. Then the pandemic hit. And as the assignments for One suddenly dropped, they had to come up with a new plan, because quitting was not an option. Fabian and Kaan restarted the engines, bounced back, and fuelled by ambitions decided to fuse everything they've ever learned and combine it into helping the innovators of tomorrow succeed in this world. Creating an all-encompassing scale-up ecosystem focused on scaling others. And unlock access to the key growth levers: talent, investors and customers. All in one place. 

Fabian van Hoegee, co-founder “Our customers are innovative companies - or as we like to call them ‘special ones’ - that play to win, and pursue to lead in their space. Companies from series A and onwards, that have a product-market-fit and are growing at an extremely fast pace.”

So, why Athens?

After growing their team from 2 to 50 people in Amsterdam it was time for the next step, international expansion. The decision for Athens, was a well thought out decision, and certainly not based solely on the great weather conditions and gorgeous views.

Expanding across borders was already a dot on the horizon for RocketX, but got accelerated by the shortage of talent. After considering multiple different cities within Europe, Athens showed to be the best option. As Greece has relatively high tertiary enrolment rate among OECD countries and has experienced an increase in tertiary education attainment over the last decade. Besides that, compared to a lot of countries in Europe, the level of English spoken in Greece is relatively high. In 2021, they reached the top 14 on the English Proficiency Index within Europe.

As they learned themselves, international expansion is hard

To celebrate the opening of their new office, RocketX is hosting their first event in Athens about International Expansion. 

Fabian van Hoegee, co-founder “With your company growing you might consider international market expansion. However, when expanding into new markets there are challenges such as international laws, lacking brand awareness and hiring employees abroad. To overcome these challenges and lead your international expansion to success it is crucial to have profound international expansion strategies. But where do you start?”

Based on their learnings helping 100+ scale-ups expand across Europe and their own expansion to Athens, RocketX will share their insights around international expansion, to help you successfully expand across borders. On the 13th of October.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.