How much the Amsterdam scale-up industry gets paid: an official salary benchmark report

February 24, 2021

The Dutch scale-up ecosystem 

Over the last years, the Dutch scale-up ecosystem has flourished, stimulated by strong (digital) infrastructure, entrepreneurial ecosystems, increased access to capital, and strategic lobby from organizations like Techleap.

Combined with tax stimulus ruling for expats, this has also resulted in a thriving, albeit competitive talent market. In order to hire the best talent, offering competitive compensation is pivotal.

Why we've created this salary benchmark report

Over the course of the last few years, we’ve received endless requests to benchmark salaries for European scale-ups, especially now international hiring has become more normal. Therefore, we’ve accumulated our findings and experience to share key insights on salaries for all common functions, specifically for the Dutch ecosystem.

Banking on our experience serving over 150 scale-ups (like Zenjob, Getir, Laka, Deliverect & ChannelEngine) and hiring 1.500+ talented professionals across Europe.

What you can do with it

By sharing this knowledge as a free resource, we aim to give both employers and employees an understanding of fair compensation. We hope that companies can review and optimize their salary house, construct competency grids and facilitate performance review processes.

A word on salary 

It's important to know what components salaries consist of and what drives and influences salaries. There are typically components to salaries: 

  1. Base salary

  2. Bonus and secondary compensation

  3. Secondary benefits

In this report, only the base salary has been included. What about the drivers of salary ranges? We've found that the height of one's salary is mostly influenced by supply and demand.

To summarize, these are the key drivers of salary: years of experience, education, unique skills, (local) scarcity and the maturity of the respective company.

Quick disclaimer

We value speed over perfection. We want to get this content out there asap, so you can benefit from it. Please note that it’s a work in progress. We’ll iterate on this report in the future, adding variables like education levels, cities, skills, company sizes, equity share plans, and other benefits. And then the last disclaimer: This report provides an indication of compensation based on the available information to us. RocketX holds no responsibility for the use of this information.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.