The Official 2022 Salary Benchmark Report Berlin!

January 17, 2022

Let’s talk salaries

With 470,000+ job vacancies in Berlin and 48% of tech companies unable to fill their positions, the war for talent is at an all-time high! As the tech landscape is getting more competitive, and competition for talent is increasing, it’s important to obtain a good understanding of fair compensation.

We’ve received endless requests from European scale-ups to benchmark salaries, especially now that international and remote hiring has become the default. There are many local nuances to take into account that may not seem obvious at face value.

We’ve accumulated our findings and experience to share key insights on salaries for all common functions, specifically for the Berlin ecosystem. Banking on our experience serving 150+ scale-ups and hiring 1.500+ talented professionals across Europe.

Yes, we’re giving it all away!

By sharing this wealth of knowledge as a free resource, we aim to give both employers and employees an understanding of fair compensation.

With this information we hope that you can review and optimize your salary policy, construct competency grids and facilitate performance review processes and communicate to candidates how their offer compares to industry benchmarks.

Next to that, our insights on relevant HR topics such as remote work, diverse hiring and secondary benefits function as inspiration for professionals in the field, helping them to design clear policies on these topics.

For example, did you know 42.3% of Berlin scale-ups have a “work from anywhere” policy?

So where and how did we gather these incredible insights?

The salary benchmarks were compiled from data provided under confidentiality by 50 Berlin-based scale-ups. Enriching the data with our own database and desk research using popular talent pools and careers platforms such as employer review site Glassdoor, developer community platform Stack Overflow and careers portal

Besides, we’ve gathered the additional key Insights through in-depth interviews with over 50 industry experts based in Germany, with a focus on Berlin.

So, enough about the why, who, what’s. Let’s dive in.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.