Why I joined RocketX: Calum MacRury

January 4, 2022

Our Talent Business Manager tells us everything about his past experiences, ambitions, and why working at RocketX is so great.

As Lead Talent Business Partner, Calum MacRury recruits talented applicants for RocketX’s extensive customer base, including clients such as ZenJob and Getir. Part of RocketPeople - our scale-up talent acquisition arm, he’s also responsible for implementing core talent programs such as talent reviews, career development, succession planning, and internal talent mobility.

But what brought him to us, and what are his future ambitions as a rocketeer? Let’s find out…

Kicking off his career in recruitment

Kicking off his career in media sales for the Sheffield Star newspaper in Yorkshire, England, Calum progressed within a number of business development positions before ending up at Michael Page Recruitment - one of the world’s biggest recruitment companies. After a stint there, he moved to The Netherlands in 2018 for a job with HR recruitment firm Frazer Jones.

“I had been working with similar business types for over 6 years, so I needed a change, something more motivating; something that I could connect with on a day-to-day basis,” Calum says.

“That’s one of the main reasons I joined RocketX, I was looking for a new challenge working with scale ups.” However, in finding his way to RocketX, Calum didn’t go through the normal job application process.

“I wasn’t even thinking of leaving my current company, but Tim Goedhart, the head of RocketPeople, asked if I wanted to try something different,” Calum said.

“Although I was looking to get away from business development and cold acquisition, so I did a bit of research and RocketX seemed really different in how they do their business.”

Why RocketX?

So what does Calum love about working at RocketX? For one, it’s the culture.

“There’s such an incredible entrepreneurial spirit at RocketX,” Calum says. “Everyone is really encouraging; there are so many different business units and skill sets - from content marketers, designers, and the capital venture team - but everyone is working together towards one main goal.”

This encouraging environment, Calum says, is a rare quality for a job in this area. “In my previous jobs it was all very siloed, but RocketX is very collaborative; people are go-getters and want to develop their careers - the work environment is amazing,” he adds.

His role as Talent Business Partner is also a rewarding one, he says, due to the inspiring people he gets to work with on a daily basis. “I feel like I’m making a difference as I’m working directly with scale-ups, so the hire I make for them can make a massive difference to the company.”

For those considering a job at RocketX, Calum recommends having the right attitude, even if you think you’ve not quite got the skills required for the role yet. “Being happy to roll up your sleeves and be adaptable, ambitious and someone that wants to learn a lot, can be enough,” he adds.

“It’s no easy ride, by any means. But if you're up for that challenge, then RocketX is the place for you.”

And the Future

Looking further afield, Calum would like to lead a multidisciplinary team, something more cross-business unit function. The goal? “To help RocketX build the brand internationally and see where we can take it - whether that's hiring more people from our Amsterdam office or other countries that RocketX is looking to expand into,” Calum says.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.