Why I joined RocketX: Florentine Hamming

March 4, 2022

Our Talent Business Partner tells us how she became and rocketeer and what she loves most about the job.

As a Talent Business Partner at RocketX, Florentine Hamming helps clients by attracting the right, best-fitting talent for their companies. Outside of work, Florentine is a keen runner and has even competed in major city running events such as the New York Marathon and run the Paris half last weekend.

But what brought Florentine to RocketX and what advice would she give those looking to be future rocketeers? We got her to sit still for two minutes and tell us all about it.

From fashion sales to recruitment

After studying communication in Groningen, Florentine’s professional journey began as a sales development representative. “I always thought I was meant for a sales job since I really like to interact with people and be in the crowd,” she explains, “so I started off with a sales job at a small fashion company.”

Florentine spent three years at this company. Because it was a tiny startup, it required her to get involved in a bit of everything. So, during this time, she was also involved in the recruitment side of the business. “Here I realized that besides sales, recruiting is also a big interest of mine. It was then - in October 2020 - that I decided to take up a job at RocketX after a FaceTime call with Cherie also a Talent Business Partner at RocketX, who showed me around the office virtually and introduced me to other Rocketeers before I'd even had a proper interview!”

Florentine started off at RocketX in a sales-related position in the Partnerships Team, and after one year with lots of success in especially people-related deals, she had the opportunity to pursue her ambitions for a recruitment career. So, in October 2021, Florentine made the move over to Talent Business Partner. 

“I’ve been doing this for almost five months, and it's something that really suits me, my character and my ambitions - I'm really happy that RocketX has made that possible,” she says. 

Why RocketX?

The main thing that really attracted Florentine to RocketX was the encouraging environment. “They always really encourage you to step out of  your comfort zone,” she says. “I think that's the main thing -  and when you do well it's acknowledged; they really see it and celebrate your wins.”

The energy at RocketX HQ is another thing that Florentine says she loves about working at the company. “Everyone is so welcoming, especially in the beginning, which I think is super important.

For Florentine, RocketX’s plans for the future also make it an exciting place to be. “We're also expanding to other countries, we’re opening an office in Athens and in Berlin, so - internationally - there are a lot of opportunities.”

Personal and career development opportunities

So how does Florentine see her career developing as a Rocketeer? Currently, her job is split over two domains, giving here a number of paths she could take. “I currently have a double function. Four days per week, I work as a Talent Business Partner, where I help clients attract the best talent. And one day a week, I am responsible for internal HR-related topics,” she says. 

“RocketX has given me the chance to discover different specialities; recruitment and HR combined. So now I am in an explorative phase where I am trying to figure out what I like more.”

Who should work at RocketX?

If it’s opportunity that you’re after, you're not entirely sure where your strengths lay, and you want a multi-faceted job that gives you the chance to explore your skills, RocketX is the place for you, according to Florentine.  

“There are a lot of opportunities here, for instance, I started in sales and ended up in recruitment. It’s a great place if you’re at the start of your career, too, as it allows you to discover a new expertise, and everybody is more than happy to tell you everything they know about it.”

As for those looking to join our team, Florentine believes the best type of people for RocketX are curious people, and those high in energy but also have an interest in tech. “If you’re up for going the extra mile, this is the place to be,” she adds.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.