Why I joined RocketX: Jenny Flessa

March 31, 2022

Our Talent Business Partner tells us everything about her experiences, ambitions, and why she joined RocketX in Athens.

As one of our first Talent Business Partners to join the Athens team, Jenny Flessa is empowering scale-ups by helping them find the right talent to achieve their goals. But what brought her to us, being one of the first to join the Athens team must be super excited? Let’s find out….

From Paris, to the UK and back to Greece

With a bachelor degree in International Relations, an exchange to Paris and an HRM masters in the UK, it was time to move back and kick off her career in Greece. Where she started working as a Recruitment Administrator at the leading tech retail company Plaisio Computers -One and a half years later she decided that it was time for a new step.

“I wanted to gain more knowledge in various functions and industries. That’s why I joined the multinational recruitment Agency, Manpower Group.” She says.

Followed by a move to Stanton Chase, an Executive Search firm, where she was responsible for fulfilling various executive positions across functions mainly for Industrial, Energy, Supply Chain & Transportation/Shipping sectors.

And then? Well, then a Talent Business Partner slid in her DM…


The LinkedIn message that changed ‘everything’

“I wasn't looking for a job, or even thinking of leaving my company. But then I’ve received a message from Emma and Cherie, both Talent Business Partners at RocketX…”

Let’s just say it was a message she couldn’t refuse!

“They presented me with a challenging, yet energetic and flexible environment. Where I would be a part of the founding team and work with international clients across Europe. So, I decided to join something different, a company that disrupts and has no limitations.” She adds.

Even though the team is only one month old, Jenny is already dreaming of next steps to take. “We’re launching a Talent Development service, to help our clients not only with hiring and retaining, but also with developing their talent. And I’m super excited to work with this team and learn more about developing talent.”

It’s not a competition

Besides an Amsterdam office on the canals and an office in sunny Athens - it’s not a competition - why should you work at RocketX?

“There is an inclusive and supportive environment, everyone is willing to help and guide you, are open to listen to your ideas and exchange experiences.”

As for those looking to join our team, Jenny discloses, “The most suited type of people for RocketX are people with high levels of energy and drive to change the status quo.”

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.