Press release: RocketX: The latest business partner to boost and innovate scale-ups

May 20, 2020

While mid-March most entrepreneurs only saw obstacles, Kaan Anit and Fabian van Hoegee saw opportunities.

Due to the crisis, they get a clear view of their customers’ problems. That’s where the idea for RocketX began: supercharging scale-ups.

RocketX is a start-up that gives scale-ups access to smart capital, helps with increasing their revenue through the concept ‘Marketing & Sales as a Service’ and supports in recruiting talented new employees for the right positions. With this new strategy, entrepreneurs Anit and van Hoegee extend their horizon, building upon 20 years of experience in launching, scaling and managing more than a dozen companies. RocketX offers assistance with the key challenges that scale-ups encounter in growing their business: finding and acquiring talented people, new customers and smart capital. ‘These are the pre-requisites that scale-ups need to grow and outpace competition’, says Anit.

Three brands

With three new brands: RocketPeople, RocketNow and RocketVentures, RocketX is there for the special ones. Those who disrupt, innovate and believe that their company is an enabler in order to create and shape a better world.

Trusted scale-up talent partner One has transformed into RocketPeople and continues to focus on recruiting and connecting talent to the most promising and ambitious scale-ups. With RocketNow the focus is on helping scale-ups to stand out, grow and accelerate by building customised multidisciplinary growth hacking teams. RocketVentures is there to help scale-ups find the right investors for them, or invest through RocketVentures in the scale-up itself.

On May 20th, less than a month after the registration at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and in the middle of the crisis, RocketNow's first customer was already a fact. As of May 1st, Typeqast has outsourced its Marketing & Sales to RocketNow. Founders Anit and van Hoegee are not worried about starting a new business in times of Corona. ‘A new business comes with certain risks. The unknowing and turmoil that comes with that, are things that we now can tolerate well’, according to the top entrepreneurs.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.