Why I joined RocketX: Beer Zandt

June 16, 2020

"I help entrepreneurs to realise their ambitions"

Beer Zandt (28), Director of Partnerships at RocketX Group

Beer is a high-energy entrepreneur who likes to bring people together. After a lifelong experience in hospitality, he moved into fintech (business lending), joining Spotcap as one of their first employees. After working as a consultant for Royal Wagenborg Group, he joined RocketX to build the largest professional services ecosystem for scale-ups in Europe.

"I’ve always worked in hospitality, so after the Hotelschool I felt it was time to discover a world I wasn’t familiar with. New people, and a fresh start. By chance, I then met my former boss and through him, I rolled into the fintech world.

I joined Spotcap, a fintech company that finances SME’s. I started as one of the first employees and without real knowledge of the business, and I left after four years, responsible for the commercial business strategy and operations. During my time, they grew to 120 employees and were active in 5 markets.

Through Antler (International VC), I spend time at a new proptech concept that aimed to transform real estate transactions. Following this, I worked as a consultant for a large Dutch shopping company, before RocketX came knocking. 

I’ve known Kaan for quite some time, and he approached me for the role of Director of Partnerships. Offering real solutions to entrepreneurs who are facing barriers to growth, and helping them realise their ambitions."

The results of the Objective Partners x RocketPeople partnership

Kaan and Fabian’s drive is fantastic. They invested during the COVID crisis and fought their way up. That mentality, that sense of entrepreneurship, is infectious. Four days after Kaan called, my desk was set up. I now also work here with my best friend Jasper. Neither of us knew we'd be working together, since things moved so quickly.


I’m looking forward to this next chapter. Working hard and building something from the ground up, it’s a huge chance and the thing I like to do most. The atmosphere is informal and tight, it's a good feeling. The team is young, ambitious and extremely driven. It’s really cool when your whole team has the same mindset. What we’re doing is super relevant for the target audience. And to do this with a hyper-ambitious group of people is fantastic.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.