Why I joined RocketX: Christina Sideri

November 19, 2021

We talk to our content marketeer to learn about her past experience, ambitions and what we can expect from her next at RocketX.

As RocketX Content marketer, Christina Sideri is responsible for our customers’ content strategy, copywriting, SEO analysis and analysis of data insights. Her goal? To help disruptive and original ideas get awareness in the hope to achieve better user experience and increase leads and boost revenue.

But what attracted Christina to RocketX? And what was her journey in making her way to us? We sit down with Christina for a chat to learn more...

Tennis athlete to content marketing pro

It’s not often you come across an ex-athlete in the field of content marketing, but that’s what makes Christina an original talent. Competing as a professional tennis player until the age of 18, it was her entry to adulthood that inspired her radical career change.

“I stopped [playing tennis] because I wanted to study and be a woman that was highly educated and could have an impact on the world,” she says. “So I joined a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Public Administration with a goal to manage political campaigns, however, being from Greece I realised that the politics there wasn’t really what I was looking for - I wanted to do something that I believed in.”

After her degree, Christina moved onto doing an internship at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a part of their communication department and from there went into digital marketing. “This was very close to political campaigning; the story and convincing people to either act upon a certain topic or believe in the vision of a brand,” she says.

Soon after, she moved to the Netherlands, did a Masters in Digital Marketing, which led on to her working in the communications and marketing department for a Dutch technology company. “I realised very soon in this job that corporate is not kind of my thing; instead, I wanted to be part of a smaller group, working together in teams,” she says.

“I was looking for something that would challenge me more. Because as you can imagine being an athlete your entire life, you constantly want to challenge yourself and improve. So I started looking for jobs with a focus on joining a team that could really make an impact.” It was this decision that steered Christina onto her path towards RocketX as our content marketer.

Why RocketX?

Christina wanted to make an impact, and see how her decisions would affect others. “Working with scale-ups means that whatever you do has an impact in the sense that they're small companies growing superfast,” she says. “Your contribution can actually make a difference for them.” She believes that helping these companies tell their stories faster and in a very intuitive way - be it in the medical industry, retail, or sustainability - can make the world better. And RocketX is the perfect company to do just that. 

However, it was also the “positive, energetic vibe” that RocketX embodies which attracted Christina to the company.  “I also really love that we work as a team,” she explains. “Like in sports, you have your team and everybody trusts you, everybody supports you and everybody respects you. And this is not a very common thing to find in other companies.

For anyone else thinking about joining RocketX, Christina says it’s the perfect environment for those with a vision to contribute to something bigger, especially energetic and ambitious entrepreneurs. “We’re still a small company, and the fact that we all work towards a common goal - to make a change - I think should be the most important thing for anyone wanting to join,” she adds. 

“RocketX will become the go-to place for scale-ups to find growth and get help, not only in building an ecosystem, but to be the ecosystem for all scale-ups.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.