Why I joined RocketX: Lotje Sauer

June 3, 2020

“I knew RocketX was different from the rest”

Lotje Sauer (36), Partnership Manager at RocketX Group

After I finished my degree at the ‘Hotelschool’, once upon a time I wanted to be a chef, I accidentally fell into the sales industry. And I happened to really like it there, so I never left. I kick-started my career at a large American brand, who taught me the ropes. After that I moved into the start-up world, which I’ve not left since. I like that world. It’s moving rapidly and it never bores.

I get my energy from setting things up and creativity, and love being part of something from the get-go. Now I’m at RocketX, who is committed to helping the scale-ups I once worked for.

From our first meeting I’ve had a very good feeling, this start-up is different to the ones I’ve worked at before. Many take a backseat during crises, but RocketX takes a different path. Finding out what the challenges are and building a business around it. The way that they do this, the energy, drive and enthusiasm in which they build a business from the ground up, is really unheard of. Just looking at the hiring process, which only took 4 days. I love that.

Not taking a backseat, but striking when the iron is hot.

And at the moment it’s extremely hot. The enthusiasm is infectious and with that I really believe we are going to make the difference with RocketX. Helping innovative tech scale-ups through difficult times, by offering them talented people, expertise and/or smart capital.

And the slogan: For the special ones, really fits that purpose. You can’t be friends with everyone. This also applies to companies. It’s good to be selective, this will benefit everyone involved. It has to be a true partnership, only then will you be able to push each other forward.

Lotje lives in Amsterdam together with her boyfriend and son (6). She loves cooking, wine, football and going to football matches.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.