Why I joined RocketX: Martijn de Reeper

December 3, 2021

Our Partnership Manager gives us the low down on his journey to his current role and why being a rocketeer is so great.

As RocketX Partnership Manager, Martijn de Reeper establishes connections with founders, promising scale-ups to help them on their journeys. It's a multi-dimensional role, identifying the right partners for us to collaborate with - from media partners to venture capitalists - to strengthen our ecosystem and thought leadership. But what brought him to us and what are his future ambitions as a rocketeer? We find out all this and more during a quick sit down chat...

Entrepreneurialism - it runs in the family

It’s no surprise that Martijn landed himself a position at RocketX - entrepreneurialism is something he grew up with; it’s in his blood.

“I come from an entrepreneurial family, so growing up I saw multiple businesses being built,” he says, adding that because of that, he went into corporate and began his career after studying marketing, starting with marketing consulting for CRM and marketing automation platforms for the likes of Salesforce and Adobe.

“After a while I noticed this area was so consumerism focused, and I wanted to do something a little more meaningful,” Martijn adds. “And then the way corporates work - with all the hierarchy and the politics - that really didn't resonate with the type of person that I am; I think that comes from my background and my family.”

Soon after, Martijn moved over to the field of energy transition at a startup as a marketing lead, but due to COVID that didn't materialise as expected. “We went our separate ways and I took the time to find out what my next steps would be; to really understand - in terms of my career - who I am, where I want to go and what I want to attribute to”

It was during this time that Martijn came across a colleague who had just started at RocketX. “He told me about the organisation and it made complete sense to me to join them and learn about the startup and scale-up ecosystem and how these tech companies get built so quickly and what are the potholes that they go through to scale.”

“Talking to founders, for me, was a great fit - to learn from them and also how we can help them.”

Why RocketX?

So what does Martijn love about working at RocketX? For one, it’s the connection he has with the founders. “You learn a lot from them,” he claims.

“But what I really love about RocketX is the entire vibe. I used to live in London, which always had this electric feeling - there’s so much buzz around, like the city is completely alive. It’s the same within RocketX - there’s a lot of energy and plenty of ways you can really grow.”

Sustainable ambitions at RocketX

Martijn has ambitions to establish a niche for climate tech at RocketX, to build a vertical dedicated to this field and become a climate tech expert within the company.

“I truly believe that technologies can improve the climate and, in time, do things a lot smarter and a lot quicker...we need that,” he explains. “I think there's a lot of organisations out there that do something really brilliant for roles that could benefit from the things that we do.”

For others looking to work at RocketX and wondering if they’re a good fit for our fantastic company, Martijn suggests applying if you’re the type of person who is proactive yet flexible - “self-starters” who can handle rapid change and are resilient in a fast-paced environment, he says.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.