Why I joined RocketX: Pablo Sijbrants

June 10, 2022

Almost two years after UX/UI designer Pablo joined RocketX, it's time to learn more about his journey so far.

Before Pablo joined RocketX, his portfolio was already quite impressive. He worked with big names like Tommy Hilfinger, Calvin Klein, Moneyou and DPG media. He kicked off his career with a few projects as a freelancer, but after a while Pablo was looking for a more permanent team to build connections with and decided to join RocketX. “When working as part of a team, the ability to try new things, learn from it, give and collect feedback is different than as a freelancer. This dynamic fits better with the goals I want to achieve, both professionally and personally.”

Time to sit for a chat. What has he done and learned in the past two years? What were his biggest challenges? Which creative projects did he enjoy the most? And.. Did he get what he came for? He will tell you all about it.

From complete rebranding to creating visuals

In his current role, Pablo mainly focuses on UX/UI design with a touch of development and branding. He says: “My daily tasks are super diverse. I work on bigger projects where we do a complete rebranding and create a new website that suits the business goals. But on the other hand, I write usability reports for websites, create presentations and decks, craft intriguing visuals, get the Photoshop juices going, social media ads and more.” 

Before he started at RocketX, Pablo worked mainly together with big corporates. Now his focus lies on helping scale ups. Which of course is different, but a really nice challenge. “Most of the time scale-ups have a lot of potential that is not fully used yet. For example, in their branding or website. Working with clients in the scale up world gives me a lot of creative freedom to transform the branding into something awesome. Along with a tailor-made experience for the website and its users."

Keep learning every day

Working in a team with five other experienced designers, Pablo has developed himself both professionally and personally at RocketX. Just like he hoped. He has a deeper understanding of the processes in regard to the growth of the clients. “We talk a lot with clients and stakeholders, therefore it is important to have a good understanding in how to handle different situations. Optimising the way of working helps me with having focus in the work I create.“ Also important, Pablo feels at home at RocketX. He shares: “I feel more at ease and in this way I can truly be myself. I learned to speak my mind and be more confident.”

Great energy and honest communication

Why does RocketX feel home to Pablo? Although this can sound a bit cliché, the energy and vibe is stands out for Pablo. “The energy of RocketX can be felt through the whole office, which contributes to open and honest culture. We have a working environment with young and creative minds that keep things fresh and dynamic. We work hard, but we also have a lot of fun. On top of that, we don’t have a hierarchy, everyone is respected and gets a shoutout for their hard work. We are a warm and welcoming ‘family’.”

Loves creative freedom

If we ask Pablo about what kind of projects he enjoys most, he has a clear answer: the ones that give a lot of creative freedom. But also where he can truly work together in a partnership with a client. As an example, he mentioned the project with hepster, an embedded insurance solution. “We did a complete rebranding and designed a website with personalized photography. From the start till the end of the project, the client was enthusiastic about our creative approach and suggestions. The design process is made more enjoyable when the client is open to change and when we are on the same wavelength. As a result, I enjoyed the whole process and the final product was something to be proud of.

Translating designs into a website by no-code development

Of course, you can always keep developing. So we are curious, what are Pablo's ambitions for the upcoming period? “Becoming a master in translating the needs and concepts from the client to a tailor made design that is aesthetically pleasing as well as optimised in architecture and usability. Lately, I have been developing myself as a no-code developer. So I want to translate my designs from Figma into a live website through no-code development. I have learned so much during my time here, and I love the fact that I can keep growing, together with my team.”

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.