Why I joined RocketX: Philippe van Raalte

August 11, 2022

Commercial Delivery Lead Philippe joined us last June, and he will tell you all about his experience, journey and challenges so far.

Before joining RocketX, Philippe worked five years in the shared mobility sector for felyx and GO Sharing in different marketing roles. Since he wanted to broaden his perspective, he decided to join RocketX as a Commercial Delivery Lead. “As I’m able to work with several clients, in different industries, maturity and business needs, I’m learning every day. The pace is extremely high, and you immediately receive a lot of responsibility.”

What does a Commercial Delivery Lead actually do? How is he experiencing this innovative role so far? And is he enlarging his view and expanding his skills? Time to learn more!

At RocketX, it all came together

What exactly attracted Philippe to RocketX? At first, he made the move because of the vibrant and open atmosphere. “The moment I walked in, I felt an energy that I hadn’t experienced in a while. I was looking for an adventure where I could utilize the skills from my previous experience and develop myself in a new industry. All these important factors, I have found at RocketX.”

Working together with extremely talented colleagues

The Commercial Delivery Leads at RocketX focuses on strategizing the revenue engine of our clients, keeping the overview of the final results and making the end-to-end marketing and sales approach scalable. Consequently, you are leading multidisciplinary teams within the Rocket Revenue department. “On a daily basis, I work with extremely talented colleagues that constantly encourage me to learn and develop myself. Also, I collaborate with businesses that challenge the status quo. The combination of the two gives me a lot of energy and motivation to get the most out of myself.”

Stepping out of your comfort zone

As mentioned earlier, working with several clients in different industries, the learning curve of Philippe in the first three months is steep. “With the amount of responsibility from day one, you need to get out of your comfort zone sometimes. This pushes me to improve constantly, both personally and professionally.”

His ultimate dream

What these personal and professional ambitions are? “For now I want to focus on my current role, there is still enough for me to learn and improve on. Gradually, I want to service more clients. My ultimate dream is to start my own company in Africa someday, probably in Kenya. The aim would be on improving the lives of people in that continent. But for the upcoming time, I feel at home at RocketX!”

Did you get excited about the story of Philippe? Great news: we are always looking for new people!

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.

Let's shape the future. Together.